Aranea Pty Ltd is committed to supplying high level, unique technology to the Australian agricultural industry. Aranea (formerly Viticulture Technologies Australia) has been operating in the wine industry since 1996 with employees' experience of 16 years prior.

The experienced owners are introducing to the industry:

  • The latest technology in sanitizing equipment that reduces operating costs, improves quality and extends useful life of wine barrels.
  • Used harvesters with the latest technology fitted with performance and reliability equal to new harvesters giving higher returns on capital invested.
  • Contract harvesting company that understands the industry and the tough times and offers top quality service at extremely competitive prices

Photon Sanitizing System

Aranea introduces to the world the elite photon sanitizing system to control the microbial loads experienced in; wine barrels, the atmosphere in wine cellars, bottling lines, meat cool rooms and citrus de-greening rooms and throughout the fresh food packing facility. "Photon Sanitizing System" (PSS) is a chemical free, non intrusive, low intensity sanitizing method now available for various applications. PSS is a chemical free, advanced oxidation technology utilizing ultraviolet light rays in a safe, low level energy field. The resulting non penetrating ionization UV radiation in an oxidizing atmosphere is a very effective and safe sanitizing system. PSS has no detrimental effects on product stability, leaves no residue, requires no expensive additives, it has no threshold limits and produces no toxic by-products. It is relatively inexpensive compared to the benefits produced and the technique is totally effective.

The Photon Sanitizing System offers the latest sanitizing solution using no water, no chemicals, no residual effect giving clients total control and higher returns on your investment

Used Harvesters and Vintage Equipment

Aranea with its 16 years knowledge in the industry and experience selling new and used harvesters and understanding the tough times currently being experienced in the wine industry up-grades used harvesters to the same standard as new units. The new units perform like new ones, have the same reliability as new ones at a fraction of the cost of new ones giving higher returns on capital invested.

Contract Harvesting and Pruning

Aranea with its 16 years knowledge in the industry and experience in training operator to achieve the optimum pick in a wide range of harvesting conditions now offers contract harvesting options to selected clients. Aranea using harvesters fitted with the latest harvesting technology ensuring an optimum quality pick, covering areas in the shortest possible time at set area rates with no hidden costs saves money for clients. Currently with 9 harvesting units, Aranea harvests fruit from the Hunter Valley to South Australia giving growers the harvesting options they have been demanding.

Aranea gives you the control.